Accreditations & Results

Academic results are an important indicator for any school, and are often used to determine the success of the school and its pupils. However, when pupils arrive at Future Education they have often missed significant parts of their education, and are considerably behind their mainstream peers. We therefore do not judge each pupil by their overall academic results, but instead look at how far pupils have progressed, and what they have achieved in the context of their abilities and starting position. Nonetheless, the school recognises the importance of academic qualifications to enable pupils to make successful transitions into new opportunities within further education, training, and employment at the end of their time with us.

At Future Education, we believe that recognition for learning is paramount and that students are regularly rewarded with certificates – rather than wait until an academic year ends.

All work that pupils undertake is recognised in some way, so when pupils leave in year 11 they have a substantial portfolio of certificates. This is a positive reinforcement for students; ongoing accreditation leads to confidence boosting, stretching students and progression. Due to this we register with various awarding bodies, e.g. Edexcel, OCR and AQA to find the specification most suitable for the pupils to achieve. As well as offering 6 GCSE qualifications, we also offer functional skills in English and Maths.

Functional skills consist of 5 levels ranging from Entry 1 up to Level 2. Level 2 is comparable to ½ a GCSE at grade A-C. Colleges, and most employers, will accept Level 1 or 2 as a minimum requirement. Students will begin working through the functional skills levels from year 9. The Trinity College arts award is worked towards across the year groups. Year 9 will study the ‘Discover award’, year 10 the ‘Bronze award’ and Year 11 the ‘Silver award’. The arts award can cover such topics as: the radio studio, animation, creating music, script writing and film making.

Any student’s interests, requirements and abilities will be met within the area of ‘The Arts’. The AQA Unit award scheme is also aimed at all year groups and is attained through all subjects. It has a pre-entry level, entry, level 1 and level 2.