Future Education is committed to putting the needs of our students at the heart of our curriculum. We believe in providing a supportive yet challenging learning environment where students with diverse needs can re-engage with study. 

We recognise that how students learn is as important as what students learn. We believe that only through meaningful relationships of trust and understanding can we help students develop the wellbeing and confidence to learn, grow and achieve. 

The aim of our curriculum is that students: 

  1. Are empowered to become successful learners who value their achievements and reach their full potential. 
  2. Are able to recognise and make positive choices that lead to lifelong learning. 

The curriculum therefore is intended to: 

  • Promote re-engagement in education    
  • Provide broad and balanced education for all students  
  • Be flexible to meet the diverse needs of students through learning pathways 
  • Build on existing knowledge, skills and understanding  
  • Challenge students to achieve their potential 
  • Reflect the multi-cultural nature of society and build on British Values 
  • Inspire learning through Cultural Capital
  • Develop confidence, respect, and wellbeing 
  • Enable students to remain healthy and safe from abuse, criminality, radicalisation and extremism 
  • Prepare students for the next steps in their journey 

The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students have access to English and Maths as a mechanism to develop core literacy and numeracy skills in addition to Science, Humanities, PSHE, Art, ICT, Media and PE. Further subjects are available through our options process for Year 10 and Year 11 students e.g. Geography, Health and Social Care and Music Technology.  

Alternative provisions


We use Alternative Vocation Provisions to support our pupils to engage in learning and to develop vocational skills linked to their personalised progression plan. This will provide them with the best chance of moving into further education, training or employment. All alternative providers are thoroughly quality assured to ensure that our pupils have access to meaningful learning opportunities

We currently work with the following providers:

Action Community Enterprises (ACE)

ACE is based at Rackheath Industrial Estate and offers Level 1 and 2 courses in Construction, Engineering, Hospitality and Catering as well as Health and Social Care.

St Edmund’s Society (St Ed’s)

St Ed’s offer the following courses: Sport & Active Leisure, Horticulture, Catering and hospitality, Therapeutic Art, Motorbike Mechanics, Hair & Beauty, Multi-Skilled Construction.

Laboratory Media Education

Laboratory Media Education are based in Norwich and offer Training and an Arts Award qualification Bronze and Silver, in Music and Media for 2 of our students on a 1-2-1 basis. LME offers innovative learning experiences utilising state of the art technology such as robotics, drones, coding, virtual reality and more.

Not About The Bike

Not About The Bike offers training, work experience and support to help and teach students to build, recycle, refurbish and maintain unwanted and older bikes, reducing landfill and protecting the environment.

Mad Science Norfolk

Mad Science Norfolk offers fun and exciting lessons to help pupils engage with science.